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Why We Believe Sepp Must Go

There are a lot of challenges facing the International Community that are more consequential than determining who will head FIFA – the global governing body for soccer/ futbol/ football for the next four years. A list of things that would be more important include but are certainly not limited to Climate Change, Global Food Security, Tackling the Spread of Infectious Disease and Regional Conflicts in the Mideast and South Asia. With all of these issues to address why would we want to spend some of our time tackling the less consequential question of who should run FIFA?

Well, part of the answer is that it is an issue that:

(1) we think we can impact

(2) futbol, to a lesser degree than the issues raised above, does matter.

Billions of people play, watch and are inspired by the game. Billions of dollars are spent and made on the game. The reflective glory of the sport is one that politicians and rulers of every stripe seek to bask in.

And most significantly, it is the greatest sport in the world and it is being harmed by political figures like its current head Sepp Blatter.

We will work to systematically make the case against Blatter winning another term but to begin consider the fact that this week the Swiss authorities are opening an investigation into FIFA for “an alleged breach of sanctions following a trip to Burma by FIFA president Sepp Blatter on March 15-16.”

Much more on this and the wider case against Blatter to follow.


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