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Roberto Carlos victim of racism in Russian futbol…..and these guys are hosting the 2018 World Cup — another fine mess Sepp has got us into!


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Blatter in England to Ask for a Vote

This is somewhat ironic — Sepp is meeting with the English Football Association to ask for their support in the FIFA Presidential race……wonder what he will offer in return?

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Why Did Blatter go to Burma?


I thought that this post from Joshua Kurlantzick for the Council on Foreign Relations blog asked the right question (more from us on Blatter and Burma as we go forward):

Still, should the most prominent football association executive in the world – and a man who reportedly believes he could win the Nobel Peace Prize for using soccer to bridge global divides — be stopping by to essentially bless the regime and its cronies?

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Sign the Petition!

Please add your name to this online petition calling on Sepp Blatter to step down as President of FIFA.

Thank you for your support!

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